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Window Cleaning

Kits & Accessories for Window Cleaning
Tool belts, tool holders, holsters Bucket on a belt Window cleaning buckets, lids, wheels and sieves Chamois, Scrim cloth Angle adaptors Window Cleaning Kits

Chemicals Concentrated detergents
Spray & Wipe window cleaning chemicals
Specialised Spot Removers for glass
Pellets for waterfed poles

Scrapers Window Scrapers
Replacement blades and spares (Listed with each scraper)
Floor scrapers
Paint scraper

Handles & Squeegees Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, Pulex, Wagtail, Hound Dog Brands
Window Squeegees are purchased as separate parts - Handles + Channels with rubber. Handles are either 'screw on' or 'quick release'. The 'quick release' allows you to quickly change the size of channel to suit the job.

Rubber Replacement rubbers for squeegees.

Washers & T-Bars Window Washing sleeves and T-Bars.
T-Bars are available either straight or swival. Sleeves pull on and fix with either snap or velchro.

Poles Extension poles from 4 feet through to 27 feet.

Waterfed Poles & Brushes Standard waterfed poles for window cleaning up to 24ft. Garden Hose screws onto bottom of pole. With or without soap dispenser option. Brushes sold separatley.  For HIGH LEVEL window cleaning see separate section on TUCKER POLES.

Squeegee clips, replacement parts for extension poles.

Window Mates Magnetic Squeegee Wash Inside & Out with WINDOWMATES magnetic window cleaner.  Has sponge & squeegee. Perfect for hard to reach areas.