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Plastic Bags

Bin Liners & Garbage Bags Office Bin Liners
Light Duty Bin Liners - High Density (HD 'Crinkly' Plastic)for general purpose waste
Heavy Duty Low Density (LD 'Shiny' plastic) for Garbage and heavy waste
Most popular sizes come in cartons or pkts.

Kitchen Tidy Bags Tidy bags are white and come in Small, Medium and Large. Allow at least 150mm in length for holding bag over edge of your bin.
18 lt bin = Small
25 lt bin = Medium
32-50 lt bin = Large
Larger? Use a Bin Liner in previous category

Specialty Contaminated Waste Bags
Patient Locker Bags
Singlet (Supermarket) Bags

Green 100% Degradable Bin Liners

EPI Bin Liners The GREEN Alternative bags.

Green in colour and 100% degradable. Will comence the degradable process when subjected to sunlight, heat or mechanical stress and compete the process when buried in soil of compost facilities. High density HDPE with EPI additive.

Tidy Bin Liners coming soon.

Sizes available:

73 litre w 760x L 920mm ctn 500

82 litre 810x950mm ctn 500

120 litre 950x1100mm ctn 200

240 litre 1150x1450mm  ctn 200

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