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Guide to Alpha Carbon Fibre Pole Selection

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BAY 001A

Product Description

Alpha Carbon Fibre Poles
All Alpha extensions are compatible through the range.
Add EXT1 to 6 & 9m poles. EXT2 to EXT1 and EXT3 to EXT2 for a total of 19.5m
Quality Carbon % Pole Floors Extended
Sections Pole
  XFG Alpha UtilityPro Compact. Threaded End. Comes with Eurocone for Squeegee
Budget 30 XFG8C 1 8ft (2.4m) 1.2m 2 400gm 23mm
Budget 30 XFG14C 1.5 14ft (4.2m) 1.2m 4 885gm 29mm
Budget 30 XFG20C 1-2 20ft (6.0m) 1.2m 6 1.4kg 33mm
Budget 30 XFG32 1-3 30ft (9.0m) 1.85m 6 2.0kg 33mm
Budget 30 XFGXT1 4 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 1.26kg 42mm
  CFX Alpha ReachPro Plus. Pole End Clamp to fit range of tools
Good 50 ALPHARPP4C 1 4ft (1.2m) 1.2m 1 200gm 22mm
Good 50 ALPHARPP8C 1 8ft (2.4m) 1.2m 2 400gm 23mm
Good 50 ALPHARPP14C 1.5 14ft (4.2m) 1.2m 4 885gm 29mm
Good 50 ALPHARPP20C 11-2 20ft (6.0m) 1.2m 6 1.37kg 33mm
Good 50 ALPHARPP32 1-3 30ft (9.0m) 1.85m 6 2.0kg 33mm
Good 50 CFXXT1 4 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 1.2kg 42mm
Good 50 CFXXT2 5 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 1.39 49mm
  SMC Alpha AllPro Plus. Super strong & light.
Better 100 Std ALPHAAPP20C 1.5 20ft (6.0m) 1.2m 6 1.34kg 33mm
Better 100 Std ALPHAAPP32 1-3 30ft (9.0m) 1.85m 6 2.0kg 33mm
Better 100 Std SMCXT1 4 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 1.1kg 42mm
Better 100 Std SMCXT2 5 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 1.27kg 49mm
Better 100 Std SMCXT3 6 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 2.0kg 55mm
  HMC Alpha UltraPro Plus. Highest Grade Carbon fibre on the market
Best 100 High Modulus ALPHAUPP32 1-3 30ft (9.0m) 1.85m 6 1.6kg 33mm
Best 100 High Modulus HMCXT1 4 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 900gm 42mm
Best 100 High Modulus HMCXT2 5 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 1.27kg 49mm
Best 100 High Modulus HMCXT3 6-7 11ft (3.5m) 2.0m 2 1.27kg 55mm


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